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Does the ski grip?
Oh yes, the very special friction (grippy) material above and below makes the skis sits like a shot. The more you scrape the wax and brush, the better it grips!
What types of skiing does Mr.Gripy work for?
Believe it or not, Mr.Gripy works for ALL types of skis!

Here you can add everything from cross-country skiing, slalom skiing, randoneski, telemarkski, ski jumping, children's skiing, adult skiing, powder skiing and much more.
Are there any professional athletes using Mr.Gripy?
There are several, one of them is Luke Allen, head coach for the Norwegian freeski team. The feedback from Luke after using through a winter was "Mr.Gripy is an ultra portable, ultra stable ski prepping bench. It has been a great asset to my travel kit, and has traveled the globe. I can't recommend it enough »

As we in HappyNorwegian usually say, if it is good enough for the national team, it is probably good enough for most people!
How did you come up with the idea?
We were two students who both did cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. As students with little space and limited finances, we thought the ski vises at the store were expensive, not flexible and took a lot of space. We thought it all was complicated and began the development of what has become Mr.Gripy today!
Does it work for snowboard?
We have many satisfied snowboard customers. It should be mentioned that many boards are relatively wide (often between 20-30 cm) and Mr.Gripy is "only" 17 cm wide. That is the main reason why we do not use snowboarding in our marketing. The steel egde notch is also somewhat low for wide snowboarding.
Where is Mr.Gripy produced?
Everything is produced under artic conditons in Norway!
Where do I fix my skis with Mr.Gripy?
Personally, we at HappyNorwegian prefer to put out Mr.Gripy to a table, where long tables are preferable. Some actually put the Mr.Gripy on the car bonnet (we do not guarantee that scratches can occur), others prefer them on a workbench in the booth. Here the imagination is what sets the limits!
Is this something I can take with me on a travels?
Mr.Gripy go straight into each other and take up little space, both at home, in the car and in the bag out on tour. Our super user and head coach for the Norwegian freeski team says "It has been a great asset to my travel kit, and has traveled the globe. I can't recommend it enough».
Has anyone done a test?
Yes, both video and text. See links below:

Video - Unboxing and Review (English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdkgo-Kh6tY&t=18s

Video - Mr.Gripy tested by the training network Raske Gutter (Norwegian): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ_gFsVMO34&t=99s

Text - Ski Club og Great Britain (English): https://www.skiclub.co.uk/news/kit-news/2019/04/mr-grippy---ski-tuning-stand-review

Why Mr.Gripy?
If you take care of and maintain the equipment you have, it provides good experiences in forests and fields. In addition, it also reduces usage and throws, through regular maintenance, the equipment can last for many years.
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Feel free to contact us at post@happynorwegian.no.
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